Inverell Veterinary Clinic

32 Sweaney Street, Inverell

After Hours : 0427 456 616

Is your horse: Losing weight?

Pulling on the bit? Dropping Feed?


 If the answer is YES, has your horse had a recent Dental examination?



All horses require regular dental care.


The Inverell Vet Clinic is a member of Equine Dental Vets Australia and the Equine Veterinary Association of Australia.


Our vets, Charlie and Greg, have done further training in the area of equine dentistry including; Dental examination, Performance floating, Periodontal disease and Dental extractions. We are also able to provide professional advice and help with all other aspects of equine health including worming and nutrition.


For more information or to book your horse in for a dental examination please contact the Inverell Vet Clinic.